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April 30, 2013

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This is a great opportunity for a motivated, career-minded individual.


1.      A six figure salary.  Not immediately, but in a few years there is absolutely no reason why you won’t be earning a great income.  We will help you.

2.      Opportunity for ownership.  I started off as a salesperson in this agency In 1993 and ten years ago I purchased it.  I’m looking for a person that wants to do the same.

3.      Very competitive products for you to sell.  Pacific Insurance Partners is an independent agent.   Insurance companies that work with agents like us include:   Safeco, Travelers, The Hartford, and hundreds of other smaller regional companies like Oregon Mutual and Mutual of Enumclaw.  Because we represent many different insurance companies, we help our customers shop around get the best deal.  It’s way better than having to push a single product from State Farm, Allstate or Farmers.

4.      A top notch support staff.  We all average 20+ years in the business and we know insurance inside and out.  The best part?  We REALLY want to help you succeed.

5.      Training.   Would we like you to have an insurance license?  Yes.  But if you don’t have prior insurance experience that’s OK.  We will train you if you want to learn.

6.      A flexible schedule.  Want to go on your daughter’s field trip?  Looking to volunteer as a coach on your son’s football team?  Need to take some time to help your parents?  You can do that.



1.      A great attitude.   Insurance is a tough business.  It’s competitive.  Customers say ‘no.” Insurance companies can be unreasonable.  You’ve gotta be tough!

2.      Hard work.   Yes, insurance is a tough business, but if you show up every day with a good attitude and a willingness to do the things you need to do to be successful, you will be fine.  Insurance is not rocket science.

3.      Centers of influence.  You need to be outgoing, know a lot of people in the community and be willing and able to meet lots more.



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