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February 1, 2012

Our Agency

We are an “independent” insurance agency and we have been operating in Forest Grove since 1926. Unlike “captive” agencies that offer products from a single company, we represent numerous insurance companies, many with emphasis on one type of insurance and most with variations in their pricing structure. This enables us to offer you a CHOICE of insurance plans and programs tailored individually to your insurance needs and pocketbook.

Our staff knows insurance, we have good judgment, we are all familiar with the companies we represent and we know who offers the best coverage, at the best price, for your particular need.

So, think of us as “value hunters” who look after your pocketbook by finding the best combination of price, coverage and service. It’s what we do and we are good at it.

Get to know us…








Brian Wilbur

Hello, and welcome to our web site. I am the owner of Pacific Insurance Partners and I like helping people with all types of insurance.  Cars, restaurant insurance, cabins in the woods, museums, fishing boats, motels, you name it.  I can help you.

I moved to Forest Grove shortly after joining the agency in 1996 and live in Old Town with my wife Beth and three children. Having grown up in New England, being in this old neighborhood makes me feel right at home.

Beth and I have been married for 21 years and she is an English teacher at Neil Armstrong Middle School in Forest Grove.  She works with kids who are struggling in school and loves her job.  My daughter Lauren is a sophomore at Wellesley College in Boston, MA and is studying humanities.   She is a super writer and a prolific blogger.  It will be fun to see where she winds up.  My son Cameron is a Junior at Forest Grove High School.  He loves people, is studying leadership and is trying to figure out where he wants to go to college.  One day it is France to study International business, the next it is the U of O.  Douglas is the youngest.  He is fourteen and a Freshman at Forest Grove High School.  Last week he wanted to be a History teacher.  This week he wants to be a Physical Therapist and work with seniors.  A few months ago he wanted to buy my insurance agency when I retired.

I love them all.

Me?  I’m involved in all kinds of things.  I have the travel bug and have spent lots of vacation time in Europe and South America.  I love the Latin culture and I speak French pretty well.  Tennis is big for me.  I play four or five times a week with a great group of guys here in Forest Grove and at West Hills Racquet Club in Beaverton.  If I had more time I would fish a lot more.  I love to fish, especially in streams for trout and steelhead.  But I’m also kind of a computer nerd and I really enjoy muddling around on the computer.  I think the internet is the coolest thing ever.

Community and civic involvement is very important to me and I do my part to make Forest Grove a great place to live.  I am currently the Economic Development Committee Chair on the Forest Grove City Council.  The committee’s primary purpose is to advise and make recommendations to City Council on economic development and policy issues and the goal is to make Forest Grove a welcoming community for doing business, raising healthy families and enjoying leisure time.

I’m also currently serving on a national board that represents 20,000 independent insurance agents across the country.  That is a lot of fun and I’ve been happy to serve my industry in that way.

I’ve also served as President of the Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce, the Forest Grove Lions, the Forest Grove Farmers Market and the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Oregon.

Please call me or e-mail me. I would like to hear from you.   Brian@pacificinspartners.com


I am the business account manager here at Pacific Insurance Partners and I have over 25 years experience with THIS agency.  It’s a great joy to have so many long time clients.   I started working here part time when I was a senior at FGHS and started working full time in personal lines after graduating from OSU.  I have enjoyed this agency and the challenges and changes the insurance industry has experienced over the years. We have evolved but the principal of insurance remains the same.  It is all about people.

I have been married for 24 years to my wonderful husband, Glen, who works for a pallet manufacturing company in North Plains.   We live in the Dilley area in a home we built ourselves back in the 1980’s.

We have two kids.  Our oldest, Hayden, is a sophomore at Oregon State University and he is majoring in Forestry Management.  I don’t see him as much this year since he learned do his own laundry and is playing on a recreational flag football team!  Lucky for him I haven’t converted his room….yet.    Our daughter Alyssa is a junior at FGHS.  She is in both 4H and on the High School Equestrian Team which keeps us busy from October through August with fund raising, practices, competitions and meetings.  I grew up with horses so it’s been a joy to see her have so many opportunities that weren’t around when I was growing up.

In between we try to get over to central Oregon where we have a family home to hike, bike, shop and relax.  I also enjoy gardening, crafts, trying to help Glen with the project of the moment and reading a good book when it time allows.



Hello, I’m Sheila.  I have been with Pacific Insurance Partners for 9 years and in the insurance industry for 23 years.  My specialty is personal insurance, but I also work closely with our Farmers Markets and small business clients. Building relationships with our customers is important to me and my goal is to ensure you receive the very best service possible.

I was born and raised in the Hillsboro area where I currently live today. I spent years volunteering with my son’s various sports teams and my daughters Girl Scout events and band competitions.  Now that my kids have graduated and are out on their own, I am adjusting to a quieter way of life with my husband.  The house is eerily quiet most days and I miss my kids, but then I realize I’m free to do whatever I want!

When I am not working I enjoy relaxing with a good book, random photography, bike rides, BBQ’s with family and friends and camping at the beach and in the desert.  I also like visiting California to see my kids and grandchildren.

Be sure to contact me for your insurance needs!



Hello, I am a licensed Customer Service Agent that has specialized in persoal insurance for 12 years. Whether you want to start a new policy, review an existing policy or simply ask a question, I will be able to help you with friendly and knowledgeable service. Building a strong business relationship is essential to providing you with the service you deserve!

I am active in my church and teach Sunday school to preschool kids– I enjoy the children very much.  My husband and I love the Oregon coast and spend as much time as we can there.  I have been learning to Kayak with my mom and we go out on the Siletz River– such a beautiful area. I treasure time with my family and friends and scrap booking and crocheting fill up the spare time I have left.

How can I help you today?


Dane Website Photo

Hello, and thank you for checking us out. We’re glad you stopped by. I’m Dane, the newest member of this wonderful team. I am an agent and enjoy helping people protect themselves from the risks that life can throw at you.  Whether it be life insurance, your home, cars, toys or your business–   I will really enjoy getting to know you  and helping you be as safe as you can be.

I am a native Oregonian, born in Eugene.  I attended Oregon State University as well as Southern Oregon University.  I have lived all over the Pacific Northwest:  Eugene, Corvallis, Ashland, Seattle, Kennewick and finally now in Portland with the love of my life, Teresa.  I have two wonderful girls Hanna and Clare.  One is a budding athlete and equestrian. The other is a fashionista and artist!

Teresa has three great kids:  Karly, Nick and Luke.  Karly is a recent U of O grad  and she is working in San Francisco– having the time of her life.  Nick  is an avid sports fan who lives in Florida and works with troubled young adults.  Luke is about to graduate from Grant HS and head off to college– for what, we’re not sure yet. We know he will be successful at whatever he puts his mind to!

Me?  I love going on walks and hikes, mountain biking, scuba diving, watching baseball and spending time with the family.

I look forward to helping you now and into the future. Get to know us. You’ll like us. I promise.




Hey there, I’m Michael and I bring with me 10 years of experience in the insurance industry.  I enjoy showing people the difference

I was born and raised in Sunnyvale, California.  I attended and graduated from San Jose State before moving to Oregon 19 years ago.  I thoroughly enjoy the culture of Oregon from the beaches to the city. Oregon is a spectacular place to live and I feel extremely lucky to live in such a great state.  I consider myself an Oregonian even though I’m a transplant. between having insurance and being insured.  I know it all comes down to keeping the client happy and offering the best products available, of which I do both.

I’ve been married to my beautiful bride, Tish for 12 years.  She works as a store Manager for Costco in the Portland market.  I also have two kids, Aiden 5, and Stella 2.  I love both these kids to no end and am having fun being a dad.  Family is very important to me and I look forward to being very involved in their futures and whatever direction it takes them.

Give me a couple of days off and you can find me at the beach, camping or golfing.  I love getting involved in any activity that gets me outdoors.



Hi, I’m Cameron and I am the “Vice President of  Landscaping”.  My father thinks that is pretty funny.  Basically, that means I do all of the mowing, trimming, planting, fertilizing and general grunt work at the office.

I am a Senior at Forest Grove High School.  At school I am involved in leadership and I play on the tennis team.  Outside of school I like to film and edit videos, hike,  play video games and hang out with my friends.



Hello! My name is Lauren, and I’m the website/Facebook manager. I’m a sophomore at Portland State double majoring in communications and advertising. I love to explore Portland and all of its many food carts. I’m a sports junkie and love the Red Sox, Timbers, and Blazers. I write a regular column for The Forest Grove Leader and really enjoy it.



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