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July 21, 2011

I take a tennis lesson every Thursday morning at 7am. This morning I had a particularly good one, and when that happens, I usually reward myself with a Wild Berry Smoothie at McDonalds. So at 8am I pulled into line behind a well-dressed, middle-aged woman in a newer Toyota Corolla. As I drove up, I heard her ask for a small orange juice to go with her Egg McMuffin. Then she asked, in kind of a pained voice, “How much is the total with the orange juice?” The cashier said, “$4.18.” The woman paused and started counting the money in her hand and said, in the same pained voice, “I guess I’ll just take the sandwich then…”

I felt very fortunate… There are so many people still really struggling in this economy. Let’s hope things turn around soon.

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