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Are You Protected if You Borrow a Neighbor’s Lawnmower?

July 8, 2013

Riding LawnmowerHere’s a question for you.

Your riding mower conks out when you’re almost done mowing the yard, so your neighbor loans you their mower to finish the job. You have an accident with the mower, injuring a neighborhood child. Does your ISO (Insurance Services Office- the industry standard for policy language) Homeowners 3 policy cover the potential liability? What if you loan your neighbor your mower, he injures someone, and you’re sued as the vehicle owner? Any coverage under your HO policy? Or what if you join some fellow members of the congregation to mow your church’s lawn. You have an accident and are sued. Any homeowner coverage?

The answer to this series of questions depends on which ISO homeowner edition date applies to your policy. ISO’s most recent homeowner edition dates are 1991, 2000, and 2011 and the coverage for the use of riding lawn mowers is different in each policy. Whether you have coverage for the use of a riding mower depends on which edition date applies AND on how the mower is being used at the time of the occurrence. If it’s not an ISO homeowner policy, then all bets are off and you’ll have to read the policy carefully.

About as clear as mud, right?  So aren’t you glad you have an agent at Pacific Insurance Partners you can talk to?!

Please call us to discuss this question and any others you might have.  It’s why we are here and we love to help!


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